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For those of you interested in who I am, my name is Josh, and I'm a graduate student (hopefully) getting my PhD in Optics.  So basically I like to goof around with lasers and other expensive optical and nanophotonic toys.

The idea for this site started when I found myself quite bored at my summer job.  I would sit in the office and surf the internet until I found both the nexus and the end of the internet, and then realize it was only 10am and I had a long day still ahead of me.  So I started emailing my brother and 2 sisters a funny animal macro every day to take up some time (and then check my email every 3.4 seconds to see if a response had come yet).  They each told me to add their respective spouses to the emails, and then my parents hopped on.  In the end, I decided it would be fun to make a website so other people like me have a site to go to when they are bored at work.  That way we can reduce the number of Americans who go brain dead every year due to lack of brain activity during work.  I've seen it 100 times, kids, and it ain't pretty.

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