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I'd love to hear your feedback!  Tell me what you think of the site, what you'd like to see on here, what you don't like, what your girlfriend does that drives you up a wall and through the ceiling, whatever.  Remember, this site is made for bored people at work by bored people at work, so the more that is on here that you enjoy, the more you can dilly dally while your boss thinks you're hard at work.  And, of course, the more it gives me to do after I've found the end of the internet and read every interesting story in the news about sports, politics, technology, showbiz, music and everything in between.

Just email me and I'll see what I can do!  Thanks for visiting, and keep coming back.  Even though I know you will, because when you're bored at work, you'll look at just about anything on the internet to pass the time.

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