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Here are some of my favorite online games.  I spent most of my undergrad looking for good online games to play in between classes (or during classes that I didn't go to because there was a light drizzle outside that I didn't want to deal with).  The best thing about playing games at work is that you're usually clicking a lot, hitting a lot of buttons, and concentrating hard, so it actually looks like you're doing work.

Donkey Kong - Mario's debut saving the princess as always.  What a classic.
Dots - Remember playing this one in class with the kid next to you?
Duck Hunt - From good ol' 8-bit Nintendo
Frogger - One of my favorite Atari games.
Helicopter Game - Game that seems stupid, until you realize you've played it 100000 times.
Javanoid - Just like the classic Arkanoid.
Pac Man - One of the greatest arcade games of all time.
Pac Xon - Pac Man game that is like Jezz Ball.  Very fun.
Tank Wars - A classic game that you can play while actually doing work since it is turn based.
Tetris - Another one of the all-time greats.
Vector Runner - Another game that doesn't seem special until you realize you've played it for 2 hours.  One of my favorites.
Worm - An arcade classic.  Eat apples until you run into yourself and die.

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