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Here are some funny macros that I've dug up during my endless hours surfing the internet.  If you find any that you really like feel free to email it to me (especially if you're bored at work), and I can put it up.  As you may notice, some of these pics were taken from I Can Has Cheezburger?, which is a good site with funny macros.  Another good site to visit if you are bored at work.

For those of you that came here because you saw the word "Macros" and were hoping for some page about the Raymond E. Feist character Macros the Black...well...sorry.  As pleased as I am that there are other nerds who have read the Midkemia books, there is no Macros the Black page on this website.  But that's ok.  You should still be happy, like this dog:

Really happy dog

Real Life Warner Bros. Character
Real Sylvester the CatI'm a huge fan of the old days of cartoons.  As a kid, some of my favorite days were staying home "sick" and  watching Warner Bros. cartoons.  Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Roadrunner, Sylvester...you can't find a better cartoon.  And I can't help but think of Sylvester singing this song while strolling down a street, of course spitting all over the place with his trademark lisp.  As the old addage goes, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Give a man a Bugs Bunny DVD, and he'll laugh for a lifetime."  Or something like that.

Subprime Mortgage
Subprime MortgageHere at ImBoredAtWork, I like to stay up to date with current events.  As you can sadly see, the horrid mortgage situation has affected even the animals in this country.  Apparently Rocky the Raccoon here tried to live outside his means by getting a mansion of a tree, probably right next to a lake.  As things got tough, he tried renting out a few branches to some birds and even ill-fated deal with a skunk, but now it has come to this.

Finish Him!
Finish HimVideo games were a big part of my childhood, and who doesn't have memories of spending countless hours playing Mortal Combat frantically trying to kill your friends and then finish them off with an especially bloody Fatality?  And then, of course, your mom walks in right as you punch Sub-Zero in the groin and a man pops out of the corner and says "Whoopsie!"  And then she yells at you for playing such a gruesome game.  When she leaves, you immediately go back and turn into a dragon and eat your opponent before spitting out his bones.

Penalty Shots Are Cool
Cat Penalty ShotI, like much of America, am not a huge fan of soccer.  But I do enjoy watching when there are penalty shots.  It's like fighting in hockey or crashes in NASCAR.  Really no point in watching otherwise.  This cat would make a fantastic goalie.  They don't say "cat-like reflexes" for no reason.  Just like they don't say "Rosie O'Donnell-like buffet prowess" for no reason.

Wilford Brimley Rules
Liberty Medical CatYou gotta love Wilford Brimley.  The Liberty Medical commercials have become legendary in status.  It may be his finest acting achievement.  I don't even think most people under the age of 30 even know that he is an actual actor who was in real movies.  Classics such as The Natural and Cacoon.  Well, I don't know if I'd call Cacoon a classic, but he was in it nonetheless.

Also, no one would even know the Liberty Medical commercials (Liberty brings your supplies right to your door) unless The Price Is Right existed.  I'm fairly certain the commercials doesn't even air during any other show.  The only people that see it are old retired people getting their Bob Barker fix or kids at home for the summer.  Either way, Wilford and Liberty Medical have reached a reached internet immortality thanks to this YouTube video.  Simply hilarious.  And I love that there has been about 20 remakes of the Beetis since the original.  I'm willing to bet a good number of internet loving teens kind of wish they get diabetes some day so they can "Call Liberty."  After all, they can help you live a better life.

And you can shave me clean and call me Smoothie the Squirrel if this cat doesn't look like ol' Wilford.  It's probably his cat.  They say pets look like their owners...

Daibeetus CatAnd just to top things off, here's another cat that looks like Wilford.  Although one might be able to argue that he also looks like the Walrus from the Alice in Wonderland song, The Walrus and The Carpenter.  That was always my favorite Disney movie, which I'm fairly certain alarmed my mom since it's basically a cartoon drug trip.

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