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Tuesday November 25, 2008
Dare to SlackA little bored at work wisdom: if you convince the people around you to commit to laziness, then your collective effort will result in everyone doing less work and staying more sane.  Don't thank me, I'm just the vessel for such wisdom.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Guy with jet pack flies over canyon
Music:  It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm daydreaming of when I was young and this was my favorite song on the radio
Sports:  Pirates to sign pitchers from India
Showbiz:  Horatio Sanz has lost 100 lbs
Politics:  When will it stop? Joe the Plumber is on tv doing commercials for DTV converters

Monday November 24, 2008
Sacrifice for WorkHeed this advice from the boss.  The only way for your performance to be acceptable is for you to sacrifice your life for your job.  But, since it's hard enough to just get up on time for work, you can settle for being a sub-par worker and just be bored at work.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Snake survives a week spinning around the belts in a car
Music:  It's almost my birthday and I'm feeling older
Sports:  Favre/Jets give Titans first lost
Showbiz:  Clint Eastwood to retire after his latest film
Politics:  Obama hasn't been to church in 3 weeks...he must be evil

Thursday November 20, 2008
Getting out of workThis is the kind of genius that only comes around once in a great while.  Don't want to do work?  Tie your boss's brain in a pretzel with a question he can't answer because he's probably not as smart as you.  Then you don't actually have to do work, and you can come goof off at imboredatwork.org!  Yeah, I just plugged my own site.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Man tries to take a taxi with his assault rifle to the White House...FAIL
Music:  It's almost the weekend, so here's some AC/DC
Sports:  Mike Mussina to retire
Showbiz:  The 10 most disastrous Saturday morning cartoon adaptations
Politics:  Clinton will bring drama as Sec. of State

Oregon town has a transgender mayor

Wednesday November 19, 2008
Soul-crushing BoredomI am posting this comic for one reason and one reason only:  the diction.  "Soul-crushing boredom" is probably the funniest choice of words possible for this scenario.  Oh, and I like Dilbert because he is also bored at work.

Josh's Picks:  
News:  India Navy - 1, Pirates - 0
Music:  I worked out today so I feel extra mannish
Sports:  A guy my size wins the AL MVP
Showbiz:  Why Jason Statham is awesome
Politics:  Hilarious list of write-in votes from the recent election...Jesus got 23, GW Bush got 2

Tuesday November 18, 2008
Cubicle DegreeThis is for all of you that have persevered through the worst of times.  For those of you who have been bored for hours on end at work and have not lost your job or your sanity.  You are truly a master of the cubicle.  Print this out and put it proudly in your cubicle to show the world your accomplishments.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Victoria's Secret model has no belly button
Music:  Tuesday Morning, please be gone I'm tired of you
Sports:  Cubs will play first games at new Yankee Stadium
Showbiz:  Sacha Baron Cohen crashes "Medium"
Politics:  Interesting article on marijuana legalization

Right wing radio show to have a former Hitler Youth compare Obama to Hitler

Hillary Clinton to be secretary of state

Monday November 17, 2008
Workload BulletinIt's Monday so expect a little extra crap thrown your way.  You may not be so bored today, or as my Dutch friends would say, verveelde, but you will want to quit by the end of the day.  But hold on to the hope of a brighter tomorrow...it won't come but at least you know that others are just as miserable at work.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Japan is officially in a recession
Sports:  First Japanese girl drafted to pro baseball...and she is 16
Showbiz:  "Monk" to enter its final season
Politics:  Glenn Beck talks about Bill Ayers...and it's dumb

Giuliani wants to run for Governor...get ready to hear about 9/11 forever

Al-Qaeda may be unsure if they can hate us now that we have Obama as president

Thursday November 13, 2008
Dilbert BossWhatever you tell your boss, he won't remember it unless it has something to do with you smashing his BMW...or being too bored at work to get anything done, and you're losing the company money.  Then he'll care.

Josh's Picks:  
News:  The company responsible for 2/3 or internet spam has been taken offline
Music:  It's almost Friday and I'm feelin' groovy
Sports:  Bob Knight to call NCAA games for ESPN
Showbiz:  Fake New York Times edition made by a teacher and some others used to encourage Obama to keep his promises
Politics:  Martin Eisenstadt, the McCain guy that stepped forward as the official who said Palin didn't know Africa was a continent...well, he doesn't exist

Wednesday November 12, 2008
Work HellThis is a common problem.  Being bored at work leads to dozing off at work.  Then, when you snap out of your dream about entering Hell, you wake up and realize that you're still in metaphorical Hell, aka work.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Don't throw machines at a McDonald's manager just because you can't get a burger
The best beers for every season
Music:  You know he ain't gonna die
Sports:  Russian hockey league doesn't pay its players
Showbiz:  Stephen Baldwin gets a Hannah Montana tattoo...for real
Politics:  Obama's transition team will contain lobbyists

Obama is a Lawn Ranger

Tuesday November 11, 2008
Work Role Playing GameWhen being bored at work meets role playing games...

Josh's Picks:
News:  This woman has a sweet deal living on a cruise liner
Music:  I dare YOU to move
Sports:  Preacher Roe dead at 92
Showbiz:  Will Smith's son to play Karate Kid
Politics:  Barack Obama, My President, by Mike Huckabee

Fred Phelps and WBC to picket Obama's grandmother's funeral...how sick

Republican congressman thinks Obama will set up a dictatorship

Monday November 10, 2008
Hug Your BossSo have you hugged your boss today?  It's Monday so make sure to hug him/her extra hard, just because you're so excited to be able to work for them alllll week.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Moral: Don't go to a dentist for a breast reduction surgery
Music:  It's Monday and I'm running on empty
Sports:  NCAA will be less excited with the 3-point line now moved back
Showbiz:  Star Wars designer to direct Captain America
Politics:  New era for America actually began 4 years ago

Obama still plans to close Guantanimo

Obama holiday being planned

5 reasons Obama is a geek

Friday November 7, 2008
Netherlands FlagIt has come to my attention that this website is the first website that appears in Google when you search for "verveelde."  After some investigation, I found that "verveelde" means "bored" in Dutch.  So to all my friends in the Netherlands who are bored at work, have a great Friday and party with wooden shoes on all weekend!
P.S.  How do you say I'm bored at work in Dutch?  Google translator says it's "Ik ben verveeld op het werk" but I don't know if I trust it.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Disney started the lemmings suicide myth by throwing a bunch off a cliff and watching them drown
Music:  Let's go to the crossroads this Friday
Sports:  AL Gold Gloves announced
Showbiz:  Brit Hume leaving Fox News
Politics:  Apparently "Real America" also voted for Obama
Wow, Pelosi is calling for a "permanent tax cut"

Thursday November 6, 2008
Bored at Work HumorNow this is true bored at work honesty.  The computers are down, so you have to fight boredom by actually dealing out a solitaire game.  People don't even do that anymore.  Brings a tear to my eye, going the extra mile to not do real work.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Election drinking game ends in shooting, what a surprise
Sports:  Dodgers offer Manny 2nd biggest contract ever
Showbiz:  New AC/DC album on top of the charts
Politics:  Obama working on picking his administration

Wednesday November 5, 2008
Therapy for WorkNow here is a serious problem.  If you can't fall asleep or at least doze off during work meetings, then they have finally won.  If you become so used to being bored at work that you don't even notice how horrid and mind numbing the crappiness of work is...well, it may be too late for you.  But you must fight anyway!  Come to this site and piss away your time doing something more fun than curling into fetal position under your desk.

Josh's Picks:  
News:  Attempted suicide in court is no way to dodge a sentence
Music:  If change is coming, we need to roll with the changes
Sports:  The greatest pitcher I have seen is about to retire
Showbiz:  Interview with MST3K guys
Politics:  Obama is the new Reagan

World leaders react to Obama victory

America's oldest man, who is black, voted for Obama. What a great story for a man who has seen a lot of hate over the last 112 years.

Tuesday November 4, 2008
Work SignsI love a little work honesty.  If these signs were up in your office, then at least you would know what to expect.  You wouldn't have any illusions of getting satisfaction from your job...or even a raise.  I would especially like a post-it note system like the last sign.  That way I can know what crappy stuff has happened while I was gone.

Also, it's election day so go out and vote!  It's one of our priveleges as Americans.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Man accidentally shot in cartoonesque fashion. Off the tree, hit a house, through the car roof.
Music:  It's November...is it raining by you?
Sports:  New Phillies GM a former bat boy for the team. "Pick me out a winner, Bobby."
Showbiz:  Sacha Baron Cohen at it again
Politics:  Joe the Plumber stopped for speeding, but let off because police afraid it would make them look bad

What if the polls are wrong?

Karl Rove predicts Obama landslide

Joe the Plumber is broke and living off mysterious checks that show up in his mailbox. Wait, I thought he made $250,000 a year??

Monday November 3, 2008
Heineken Water CoolerAt first one might think that this idea would severely decrease the amount of work done at the office.  I disagree.  I think that the sharp decrease in work boredom would increase work productivity.  Now, whether or not the work that is churned out is pure crap is another story.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Vietnam war hero who stopped 20,000 North Vietnamese and 200 tanks has died
Music:  I don't want to come down from the weekend
Sports:  Orton injured...time to go back to stupid Grossman
Showbiz:  I have to post this because I'm an optics student...CNN to use hologram technology to beam reporters to news room
Politics:  Palin says her husband faces same situation as blacks. That's beyond stupid

SF Chronicle blasts Palin for inaccurately blasting them

Whew, we can finally agree that Obama isn't the anti-Christ

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