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Friday October 31, 2008
Work HumorSometimes you just have to schedule in blowing your brains out.  Otherwise you'll never get around to it.  Work is the paradox that makes you want to kill yourself but doesn't give you enough time to do it.

Happy Halloween!  Here are some links and more will be posted a little later.  It's a busy day.

Josh's Picks:
News:  If your wedding goes like this...it's time to rethink things
Music:  It's the weekend, so get ready for fighting on Saturday
Sports:  Sports Jack-O-Lanterns

Thursday October 30, 2008
Office HumorI got news for ya, lady.  Konklin's gone.  A lost cause.  It's too late for him, he's lost it.  Save yourself before the same or worse happens to you.  Remember people, sometimes being bored at work isn't the worst thing ever.  You could die an office overload related death.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Huffington Post writer stabs her lover 222 times. That seems excessive.
Music:  I dunno why I picked this song, but enjoy
Sports:  This is why Philly isn't allowed to win championships. They burn the city to the ground when they do.
Showbiz:  Expect 3 more terrible seasons of The Simpsons
Politics:  Here we go again. Look forward to Florida 2000-esque election fiascos all over

McCain camps "speechless" after Palin says she wants to take over GOP after McCain loses

Let the games begin over the half hour Obama ad

A Vet's letter to McCain

Wednesday October 29, 2008
Boss HumorHo ho, what a clever little cartoon.  It's stage one of work boredom, office frustration, or hating your job.  Immediately blame your boss for how bored you are or how miserable your work life is.  Even if it isn't his fault, he is the physical manifestation of your misery.

Josh's Picks:
News:  This makes sense...charge poor people more for medicine
Music:  Feeling small today?
Sports:  This may make the Lions even worse, if that's even possible
Showbiz:  MST3K DVD set coming out!
Politics:  The New Yorker discusses recent socialist claims on Obama

McCain group funded Rashid Khalidi, the supposed terrorist that Obama palled around with

McCain's senior economic advisor talks down McCain's health plan

Tuesday October 28, 2008
Tired Work CatIt has finally taken over our pets, too.  The demands of work, which include it being boring, are too much even for our cats.  Poor little fella.  One too many TPS reports and this cat may never be normal again...

Josh's Picks:
News:  These 5th grades are doing OK in the stock market, so what's your problem?
Music:  Feel down in a hole this week?
Sports:  Umpires admit to blowing calls this World Series
Showbiz:  Netflix getting more Mac friendly
Politics:  Risque robo-call gets voters' attention

Welcome home banners for Iraq soldier ordered to be taken down...because they are supporting the war...stupid

Obama gets a half hour ad on NBC, FOX, and CBS, but not ABC

Monday October 27, 2008
Tired at WorkWell...it's Monday again.  And this is pretty much what I feel like.  It was one of those mornings where I just couldn't get out of bed.  I'm pretty sure I could have slept until at least noon.  It's ok though.  It's hard to be bored when you're passed out on your computer.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Without technology, 2500 people almost died
Music:  What a lonely Monday Morning...ahh, 90s white boy rap
Sports:  Bill Cosby sounding crazy on ESPN
Showbiz:  "Saw" is now the top grossing horror film franchise of all time
Politics:  GOP clerk calls Obama a "young, black Hitler." This should go well.
So who will take over for Obama in the Senate if he becomes President?
The Obama Crash
Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama...I guess Alaska doesn't like Palin all the much after all
LA Times withholding video of Obama and Ayers at radical Palistinian party

Thursday October 23, 2008
Battle Work BoredomIt truly is a battle out there, folks.  I'm surprised being bored at work hasn't been declared an official disease yet.  Keep fighting the good fight people.

Josh's Picks:  
News:  This cop's got balls
Music:  I'm going back home today, so here's to it
Sports:  Female canadian olympians using their God-given gifts to raise money
Showbiz:  Apparently Quantum of Solace sucks
Politics:  Actual article title: "Descendents of slaves owned by ancestors of John McCain will vote for Barack Obama"...no shiat
I think this poll is full of crap. No way is McCain leading 10% in the 18-24 demographic
Someone tried using other people's credit cards to donate craploads of money to Obama

Wednesday October 22, 2008
Stress ReducerTurns out I had my dates all wrong.  That's the kind of weeek it's beeen.  Anyway, the halfway point in the week can be tough to get through.  If you're extra bored or hating your job a little extra, just print this out and follow the directions.

Josh's Picks:

News:  Want a massage? How about snakes?
Music:  Just wasting time...
Sports:  Yes! The Bears finally have a good QB! And he went to my Alma Mater!
Showbiz:  Groundhog Day house to be turned into bed and breakfast...that's awesome
Politics:  Al Qaeda supports McCain...ouch

Tuesday October 21, 2008
Cave CubicleWhat, does this person work in a cave or something?  At least when he gets bored he can go exploring among the stalagtites.

Josh's Picks:

News:  Worst parent ever
Music:  Would you quit your job if you had a million dollars?
Sports:  No more long haired athletes in North Korea
Showbiz:  More Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man 2
Politics:  Swing voters don't like McCain
Rednecks for Obama...crazy

Monday October 20, 2008
Women Fighting Over Cubicle10I thought I'd give you all a nice picture of women fighting and tearing each other's clothes over a cubicle debate.  If only this actually happened at the office.  Unfortunately all the guys would be hooting and hollering and placing bets over who ends up naked first.  And then a sexual harassment suit would arise.  But at least the women would join together in the lawsuit and put aside their cubicle differences.  Ahh, how bored at work we all get...

Josh's Picks:
News:  Hey, there's nothing wrong with ALWAYS being prepared
Music:  So bored...take me away to paradise
Sports:  We all know that the Rays won game 7, so here's a video of a ref tackling an SC player
Showbiz:  Apparently people REALLY wanted to see Palin on SNL...she set a record!
Politics:  Did Obama violate an Illinois Ethics Act?
Obama gave Ayers' book rave review in '97...but that's before he claims to have known the man
Obama to be endorsed by Colin Powell...wow

Friday October 17, 2008
It's FridayIt's Friday!  So don't worry if you're a little bored at work today.  Cuz when the night comes, we can all get a little crazy.  And then we can egg our boss's house.  Boss's Day was yesterday so we don't have to be nice to our bosses today.

Josh's Picks:
News:  It is now OK to have sex in public in the UK
Music:  The weekend...is what I got
Sports:  The Super Bowl is huge...but $1K for a ticket??
Showbiz:  I absolutely cannot wait for this to come out. Tim Burton will make Alice even better.
Politics:  Washington Post endorses Barack Obama
Take that Joe the Plumber
It'll cost $15 million for Palin's emails

Thursday October 16, 2008
Ginger Bread CubicleLooks like the Ginger Bread house witch has fallen on hard times and had to get an actual job.  Hopefully Hansel and Gretel don't get bored at work and wander on over to this cubicle.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Apparently sex alters your brain...so I guess it's kind of like a drug
Maximus Decimus Meridius' tomb has been found...awesome!
Music:  Friday is in the near future...but 2525 is not
Sports:  Roger Clemens finally done with baseball...maybe because of all the crap he took from his steroid use
Showbiz:  The Muppets are about to become even more awesome than they already are
Politics:  Palin wants McCain to be more aggressive...is that possible? People already want to kill Obama
Democrat in a lawsuit with his own party because he wants to see Obama's REAL birth certificate
McCain looks so dumbfounded in this clip after Barack's retort

Wednesday October 15, 2008
Garbage CubicleThere's nothing like having your coworkers tell you that your work space is equivalent to a giant garbage can.  On the bright side, at least this guy wasn't bored at work that day.  He had to probably spend 3 hours cleaning all that up.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Apparently all you need for good health is a yacht
Music:  Work doesn't always make sense, and neither does this song
Sports:  It's official, no one cares about the NBA anymore
Showbiz:  NBC to make Argonauts movie...but all green screened
Politics:  Pelosi lied about sex scandal...don't worry not her sex scandal
Colin Powell's got moves
McCain says he is called a terrorist at Obama rallies...wait, isn't it the other way around?
Even Thomas Jefferson had people worried that if he become President, America would turn to anarchy, prostitution, and rape
People still shouting "terrorist" and "off with his head" about Obama at McCain rallies

Tuesday October 14, 2008
Beach CubicleWell, we can't all have a cubicle on the beach.  But you can pretend, right?  Kind of hard to get bored when you can just run a few yards into the ocean.  Slow motion Baywatch style.  Yeah...

Josh's Picks:
News:  I hope this guy gets the death penalty
Music:  Every day is a good day for 90s music
Sports:  Even the NBA is feeling the strain from the economy
Showbiz:  Buddy Holly's last venue to become a landmark
Daniel Craig met real assassins to get into character
Politics:  Intrade has Obama winning 364 electoral votes
"The McCain campaign estimated the crowd at 25,000, but local officials put it closer to 12,000"
Some idiot names his daughter Sarah McCain Palin

Monday October 13, 2008
Office EscapeWell I missed a couple days last week.  Turns out you can't be bored at work when you're stressed and crawling up the walls at work.  Hopefully you all made it through your Thursdays and Fridays.

Well, if you're about to lose your last precious brain cell due to work boredom, you can always dig your way out.  Then just put a rug over it, and you can leave whenever you want and no one will see you walk out the door.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Woohoo! Gas prices are finally dropping!
Music:  Oh Monday Monday
Sports:  Jets Coach names his newborn son after Brett Favre...and the son was born on Favre's Bday
Showbiz:  Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes...cool!
Politics:  Palin must save emails for investigation
Evangelicals mostly supporting Obama...interesting

Wednesday October 8, 2009
Costanza CubicleAnd somewhere George Costanza beams with pride.  Actually sleeping at work with a pillow and sleeping bag...that's beyond just bored.  That's just complete apathy.

Josh's Picks:
News:  What? We didn't tell you about the naked van tradition?
Music:  Don't you wish you were outside?
Sports:  Since when do locker room pranks involved "blood and guts?"
Showbiz:  Brave New World to be a movie?
Politics:  Obama criticizes Delaware banking laws that Biden helped create
Barack doesn't like being called "that one"
Palin is just like you. She owes thousands in back taxes
You can't shout "Kill Him" at a political rally. This isn't Mortal Kombat

Tuesday October 7, 2008
Bathroom CubicleThis guy must really love bathrooms.  Although I would think I'd be more likely to piss my pants if I started to believe I was always on the can.  Kind of like that dream where you're at a urinal and think you're ok to go, and then you wake up and find out you've pissed yourself.  No?  You've never had that?  I'm the only one?

Anyway, that toilet seat trash can is genius.  This person is WAAAY too bored at work to take it this far.

Josh's Picks:
News:  I'm impressed he's not dead
Music:  Are you numb at work?
Sports:  Maybe Reggie Bush is finally a superstar
Showbiz:  Finally people realize that we've just ripped off Japanese shows directly...only theirs are funnier
Politics:  Olbermann rips Palin
You mean McCain might be throwing out religious terms just for votes?? Shocking

Monday October 6, 2008
Cubicle FreakoutIt was a long weekend for me.  Didn't even get a post in on Friday.  Hopefully you didn't miss it too much.  Well, it's Monday again.  Feel free to not just be bored at work, but to freak out and punch your monitor.  Or be like the guy in the video below and go straight-jacket crazy.

Josh's Picks:
News:  You really do think up the craziest games in college
Music:  Nothing like an anti-establishment song on a Monday
Sports:  Cute high school girl to play on the football team
Video:  Guy has a complete melt down while on hold
Showbiz:  This ought to fail immediately
Politics:  Yes, even Obama passes legislation that makes his financial supporters happy
Palin gets support from a lifelong female Democrat
Obama criticized for being unpatriotic because he criticizes Bush. I guess him and 300 million other Americans are also unpatriotic. Oh, and McCain, too.
Ken Burns is not a McCain fan anymore

Thursday October 2, 2008
Thursday is Not FridayAs much as Thursdays sometimes feel like Friday, they are not.  Remember that.  It may be CLOSE to Friday, but that doesn't mean you get tomorrow off.  Tomorrow you can still be coma-inducingly bored.

No Josh's Picks for today.  I'm actually busy today for once.  So just go to fark.com or Huffington Post to read up on how much of a debacle tonight's VP debate may or may not be.

Wednesday October 1, 2008
Clinton with Attractive GirlI just went to a Bill Clinton speech, so I thought I'd post a picture of him with a chick, since that seems appropriate.  Hopefully you're not all too bored at work.  Two more days till Friday.

Josh's Picks:
News:  National Debt Clock is about to run out of digits
I guess the ol' money out of the bra trick doesn't work all the time
Music:  Maybe today is the day you go to work in a trench coat and come out in a body bag
Sports:  Wow, this guy is either really good or really lucky
Showbiz:  Thor is probably going to be a good movie
Poltics:  Nice Pelosi, way to break your own rules
I lose faith every day that Sarah Palin makes good decisions
Apparently Hugo Chavez lives in the Middle East
Hilarious Palin interview generator
Maybe the bailout failure wasn't Pelosi's fault

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