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Tuesday September 30, 2008
Boss CatThis is for all your fat cat bosses out there.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Sometimes getting mugged is good
Music:  Work sucks, I know...
Sports:  Devil Rays trying to figure out how to be in the playoffs
Showbiz:  Weird Bond movie name was Daniel Craig's idea
Politics:  McCain finds himself in another corner as his Maverick ways didn't do anything for the bailout

Obama Effect means recession and unemployment to for small business owners

Even Fox has Obama ahead in Swing States

Monday September 29, 2008
Monday AgainIt's Monday again.  Let's make a break for it and blow this popsicle stand.  Or just sit miserably bored at work all week.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Narcolepsy could be put to sleep (great pun, huh?)
Music:  I know it's Monday but don't cry
Sports:  It must suck to be a Mets fan
Showbiz:  The mistakes that all criminals in movies make
Politics:  Let's see if McCain can not look like a freaked out idiot anymore

Saturday September 27, 2008
No pic today since it's the weekend.  But hey, you can still be bored on the weekends right?  Here's today's picks.

Josh's Picks:
News: Or you could just ask your mom for the money to get your girlfriend breast implants
Music:  Hey feel free to go out on the weekend
Sports:  Athletes to donate their braaaaiiinns
Showbiz:  We lost another legend
 I say we do like the days of old and marry off Palin to Pakistan to strengthen ties

Friday September 26, 2008
Bored at Work CartoonThis cartoon has some good advice for being bored at work.  I especially like the loud girl conversation bingo.  That's bored at work brilliance.  However, I disagree about the not telling anyone that you are bored at work.  When I'm bored at work, I want everyone else to know I'm miserable.  Just to make sure that everyone else is miserable with me.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Only a Russian would do this
Music:  It's Friday, let it all hang out tonight
Sports:  I can only hope this jinx is real
Showbiz:  This is fitting for Paris Hilton
Politics:  What campaign ads would look like if kids were voters. This is hilarious

Thursday September 25, 2008
Glued shut fridgeAnother scary example of what can happen when people get too bored at work.  Someone has actually glued the door shut to the fridge.  Now, I know what you might be thinking.  "Haha, good joke."  No haha.  No good joke.  This person is trying to starve everyone to death at the office.  One too many days spent looking at Excel sheets until the boredom makes you crack.  Then you're only a step away from making the news in the middle of a hostage crisis.

Josh's Picks:
News:  If you get hit by a car and a train within 6 hours, you're probably a cartoon character
I think I'd prefer the cancer
Music:  Wake me up...well, in a week I guess
Sports:  Skiier accidentally breaks record jump by falling off a cliff...and skiing away unhurt
Showbiz:  Finally Natalie Portman broke up with her Yeti
Mark Hamill Star Wars audition
Top 10 exploding people in movies
Politics:  At least they have no idea what they're doing

Are we going to have any debate ever?

Wednesday September 24, 2008
Office Party BabyOh boy.  We're startin 'em young these days.  I'm not sure sure it's fair for this child to be trained as a future bored at work employee just because his parents' jobs suck.  You never know, he might have some hope yet.  Yeah, probably not.  I can't fathom a job that doesn't involve being a professional athlete that isn't boring.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Oh the college days...
Music:  I hate this song but we are halfway there
Sports:  Shut up and put a winning team together, Hank
Showbiz:  At least he's ok with being the worst Bond ever
Politics:  McCain sexist toward Palin. Wait, what?

Tuesday September 23, 2008
Infinite RecursionThis is for all you computer science geeks out there who are bored at work.  Spend a good few minutes trying to see how far into it you can still read.  In other news, it's my dad's birthday.  Happy Birthday, big guy!

Josh's Picks:
News:  Deadly school shooting in Finland
Music:  Life is confusing, but what if a 6 was really a 9?
Sports:  Will the Knicks ever be good again?
Showbiz:  I love looking back and realize the cartoons we watched as kids were insane
Politics:  Oh that's sooooo right wing
Biden criticizes Obama...yeah the Obama that he is running with

Monday September 22, 2008
Monday is Killing MeComing off of an unmotivated Friday is an even more unmotivated Monday.  Can't...muster...desire to care.  Already...bored at work.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Did Somebody turn back the clock 20 years while I was sleeping?
Music:  Is this Monday just a nightmare? No, I guess it's reality
Sports:  I just about cried watching this
Showbiz:  There's Waldo!
Technology:  A suit for the shower...Jerry Seinfeld ecstatic
The U.S. says it wants electric cars, yet here they are, and we don't have them
Politcs:  McCain's view of Social Security could cost him
Interesting thoughts on the market bailout

Friday September 19, 2008
No picture yet, as I am extraordinarily unmotivated this Friday.  But here are today's picks.

Josh's Picks:
News:  We are unkind to history
Music:  It's the freakin weekend
Sports:  Like winning the lottery twice...in baseball form
Showbiz:  Samuel L. Jackson is awesome because he yells a lot
Politics:  Huge companies going bankrupt? Fret not, Uncle Sam will help

Thursday September 18, 2008
Weird Bored at Work DrawingSomeone drew this while bored at work.  Now, I've never considered taking hallucinagens while I'm bored at work, although it would sure spice things up.  And I think that's the only way you'd draw a picture like this.  So what do you think?  Drugs, or bored at work brainmelt Class A?  Or both, with the latter inducing the former?  Email your thoughts!

Josh Picks:
News:  This article's title will surely make you read it
Music:  Work sucks, but everything is gonna be all right
Sports:  I love Ichiro
Showbiz:  Hollywood is out of ideas
Politics:  McCain doesn't know who Spanish Prime Minister is
Obama is also playing dirty now

Wednesday September 17, 2008
Newspaper CubicleAnother good bored at work moment.  I dunno, but when I'm bored at work, I really like reading up on the news and current events...but to literally surround yourself with it?  That's bored at work insanity.  We lost another good man.

Josh's Picks:
News:  Like living at the Rennaissance Fair
Music:  In honor of the recent 12 year anniversary of Tupac's murder
Sports:  Nice try Yanks
Showbiz:  Famous movie plot holes
Politics:  What's your stupid Palin name?

Tuesday September 16, 2008
Cubicle FansThis guy was so convinced that his cubicle was Hell, that he filled it with fans.  Little does he know that there is now nothing in there that he can do work with.  On second thought, he's a genius.

Josh's Picks:
News:  This is going to be me in 45 years
Maybe there are aliens
Music:  Fitting song for a Tuesday
Sports:  Worst showboating decision EVER
Showbiz:  Star Wars fans don't recognize Obi Wan
Politics:  Other VP's with Palin's amount of experience
Father of GOP in Virginia endorses Obama

Monday September 15, 2008
Mondays SuckYeah...this pretty much sums it up.  Everyone take a little extra Ex-lax today and take an extra dump on Monday.

Josh's Picks:
News:  For those of you that spend tons on exotic bottled water
Music:  Let's all fake our way through Monday
Sports:  Charlie Weiss' injury predicted by NCAA Football 2008 game
Showbiz:  One way to impress the cops that arrested you
Politics:  Maybe Obama didn't have such a bad month
Maybe Palin isn't a warmongering psycho

Friday September 12, 2008
Hasselhoff PartiesIt's Friday, and for those of you that dare, just try to party like David Hasselhoff.  I suspect they'll find you dead tomorrow next to a motorcycle, an American flag, a box of Franzia, and a poster of Pam Anderson.

Today's Picks:
News:  Car burglary with cartoonish results
Music:  Early 90's music is great for Fridays
Sports: Tony Romo is a nice guy
Showbiz: It was only a matter of time
Politics: I guess politicians can be funny

Thursday September 11, 2008
Toilet TacksThis is not good bored at work etiquette.  I also encourage creativity and resourcefulness in that fight against insane boredom at work, but there's no reason to hurt yourself/others who are just trying to poo.  Unless it's your boss.  Because they are most likely poo.

Also, have a safe 9/11, folks.  Remember the victims and families that died.  But don't let it become a commercialized holiday or a propaganda tool in this media frenzied world.  Oh, and it's almost Friday!

Wednesday September 10, 2008
Peanut OfficeI'm not even sure how they pulled this off.  I get how you fill up a cubicle, because it has no top.  But this...when that guy opens the door, there is going to be a cartoonish avalanche of packing peanuts on top of him.

In other news, check out the new Dylan tunes in the Artists section!  Also, a couple new games and videos to enjoy.  Hey,  it's Wednesday, let's all get a little nuts.

Tuesday September 9, 2008
Golf OfficeBob from Accounting had no idea that his love for golf would reach such heights.  It's OK, Bob.  If that's what it takes for you to get through the day without punching a small animal, then you do what you gotta do.  But is the golf ball in the litter box necessary?

Monday September 8, 2008
Wrapping Paper CubicleBecause there's no better way to say Merry Christmas than to cover your coworker's cubicle in wrapping paper.

Friday September 5, 2008
Office of Mice
I think this is the Pied Piper's office...

Thursday September 4, 2008
Post-It Note CarIt looks like people are taking the war on work boredom to the parking garage.  I don't even want to know how long this took to pull off.  This car is completely covered in Post-It notes, and has a very pre-planned color scheme.  There had to be schematics and blueprints involved in this effort.  I'm also guessing the designers were inspired by an Easter Egg.

In other news, if this trend in office boredom continues, I am going to load up on Post-It note stock.  I truly believe that only half of all Post-It notes are used for reminders.  The other half go to efforts like this, and I want to get on the bandwagon before this market explodes.

Wednesday September 3, 2008
Cardboard OfficeAs I prepare for my exciting day of studying Diffraction and Interference and doing EM Wave Propagation homework, my mind wanders to simpler times.  Back when I was a small child, and the world was full of fun, hope, and optimism.  A time when I'd ask for a new remote control car for christmas, and end up playing with the box for 5 straight hours.

And then I see this picture.  This poor man has completely reverted to his inner child.  He actually thinks he has a real office with real office supplies.  I suspect in another corner he has one of those old Fisher Price cash registers.  He probably doesn't even work in this office anymore, but they feel sorry for him and let him answer his cardboard phone and set up meetings with Mr. Potato Head and Strawberry Shortcake, who may or may not bring along her friend, Rainbow Brite.  Oh, Rainbow Brite girl, how I love it when attractive girls dress up as retro 80's cartoon characters...

Tuesday September 2, 2008
Bored at Work Football CubicleSports are a great pasttime for many people.  They are also something to keep people occupied with at work with conversations, checking scores, reading up on athletes and teams, etc.  But a way to punish your cubicle?  Yeah, sure, why not...

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day off!  A small victory from the 5th Circle of Hell, I mean work.

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