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Here is where you can get involved.  That's right, Johnny, tell 'em what to do!  (Sorry, in my mind I live in a game show world where I get to shout exciting things like that)

If you're like me, and you get bored at work easily, you can put yourself to work by submitting a picture.  Email me a picture of you being bored at work, or some concoction you cooked up while at work, and I'll post it on the site with some funny (or I'll at least try to be funny) commentary on it.  Need ideas?  Well, if you're a computer guy, and it's a slow day, you can do what this guy did and make a monitor rainbow:

Monitor Rainbow

So get creative and we'll all have a little fun, and thus making your work day a little more enjoyable.  And isn't that what life is all about?  The answer is no, because there is so much more to life than forcing yourself through the work day.  But at least it'll give you something to do.  And isn't that what's really important?  The answer is a resounding "kind of!"

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