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Here are some videos I have found in my searching of the internet.  It will take a while to find all of the ones that I have found over the years, so this is just a few to start.  I will continually add videos as I find my old favorites and discover new ones.  As always, send in anything you like and I'll post it here.  Just try not to laugh too loud or you're boss will know you aren't doing work.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us - Probably the most famous internet video of all time that has spawned countless internet lingo terms and spin-off videos.
Dean Reloaded - Remix of infamous Howard Dean scream.  Absolutely pi-larious.
Farting Preacher - One of my favorite videos of all time
Farting Preacher 2 - The second installment
Farting Preacher 3 - The third installment
Farting Preacher 4 - The fourth installment
Farting Preacher 5 - The last of the very hilarious Farting Preacher videos
Kid vs. Ball - The basketball wins
Kid vs. Ball 2 - Dodgeball is best played with smaller balls to dodge
Kitty Cat Dance - Silly, but probably one of my all-time favorites
Ouch! - Skiier gets a lesson in reproductive anatomy
Skiier vs. Mountain - Guy pulls a Wile E. Coyote

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